Thursday, 31 December 2009

Remembrance Day 2009.

This was a joint effort of several members of Durham Photographic Society.

DLI Reunion 2009

Better late than never, the pics from the 2009 reunion.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

International Brass Festival---Streets of Brass 2009

Once again the streets were alive with the sound of music.

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Armed Forces Day

On the 22nd June, the raising of the flag ceremony was carried out at the DLI museum. In attendance were representatives of all the armed services along with Kevan Jones MP, the Veterans Minister, our local MP, the Mayor of Durham and the Chairman of Durham County Council and members of the DLI Association.
On the 28th June the veterans were presented with their badges.

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Monday, 9 March 2009

2009 DLI Indoor Games

At long last I was able to get to the DLI Annual Indoor games. This year they were hosted by the Washington branch at the Top Club Sulgrave. The horrors of Washington came back when I tried to find the venue. I did feel a bit stupid when I was fifty yards from the place when I stopped a lady to ask directions.

My thank's for the full report by Mr Kevin Storey B.E.M.
Secretary of the DLI Association.
The DLI Association Indoor Games for 2009 took place in the Top Club at Sulgrave, Washington on Sunday 8 March. One hundred and seventy-five members attended and 13 of the 15 branches were represented.

Club officials had set up the games area the previous evening and we were able to commence before noon with the first two games of darts and the first game of dominoes. These two competitions moved on apace until lunch was called at 1300 hrs. Most of those attending enjoyed a traditional army curry or a superb salad, both served with all the necessary trimmings.

After lunch all three disciplines moved slowly through the early games to reach the finals. The domino final was a classic encounter between the City of Sunderland and a revitalised Spennymoor. Because of a fixture faux pas, Spennymoor had to play an extra game to reach the final, but undaunted, they outplayed Sunderland to gain a much deserved win,

The darts final was a viciously competitive single game of 1001 between Chester-Le-Street and Stockton who were seeking to retain the trophy having won it in 2008. It ended with both teams on a double for eternity, but Stockton clinched it to put them in line for the Champion’s Trophy as overall winners, for they were also in the final of the whist competition.

In the final of the whist Consett & Stanley played Stockton with the former using a secret weapon to outplay their opponents - two members of their team were female members who swore that they had never played whist in their lives - a tense game saw Consett and Stanley emerge victorious which led to a most unusual amount of hugging in their victory dance.

Despite losing in the whist final Stockton became Games Champions with 12 points and will now seek the hat-trick in 2010.

The trophies were presented to the winning teams by Major Paul Wharton MM, Vice Chairman of the Association ably assisted by The Rifles Durham Secretary, Major Chris Lawton MBE.

Runners Up - Chester-Le-Street

Runners Up - City of Sunderland

Runners Up - Stockton

Games Champions - STOCKTON

Wooden Spoon - No overall winner!

Monday, 26 January 2009


I tried to get access to Woolworths in Durham on Monday to record the final clearout but was refused on the grounds of the administrators would not allow it. I took a couple of photos of the outside and a few through the windows as a record of a sad occasion. I think the sale sign on the bucket sums it up. The way the work had progressed it will not be long before the new owners will be in.

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